Dedicated Hosting

As the name suggests, Dedicated Hosting is the type of web hosting where you have resources allocated to you exclusively, at all times without sharing it with anyone else.While there are other types of hosting like commercial web hosting, cloud services, etc. available, what makes this hosting unique and different is that you have full control of the resources at any point of time and you don’t have to share with others

The benefits of a dedicated hosting service are many when compared to shared hosting. The most important reason why some businesses prefer this is because of the superior performance it delivers.By having a dedicated server, the business owners can avoid the situation of the website’s slow performance because of more number of websites being hosted on the same server.People are often surprised when they experience the high performance after they have been using the shared hosting.Having nobody else to share the resources also guarantees maximum security and peace of mind.The companies that use dedicated servers frequently swear by the fact that they have total control and they enjoy it thoroughly.Dedicated servers are majorly used by comparatively bigger companies who receive a lot of web traffic.It is also slightly expensive than the shared ones because of the exclusive services they provide.

There are various service providers today who provide Dedicated hosting and with the competition everybody is trying to give the best offer to the consumers.Some of them also extend their services and provide support to the operating systems and the applications.Companies using this can choose the operating system and hardware depending on their requirements which makes it much more flexible than the shared ones.Having server downtime is a nightmare for most of the business owners and having a dedicated server can ensure that you have minimum or no downtime.